Perth - Pilbara. 
Supply and Logistics 
100% Indigenous Owned 

Wonbon Pty Ltd
Mission Statement


Wonbon is a proudly 100% Indigenous family owned business run by Banjima and Noongar traditional owners with skills, knowledge and experience built in the WA  Transport and Mining Industries since the late 1950's.

We aim to build a supply network to compliment the WA mining industry and surrounding communities to support WA Industry and create local jobs while supporting local manufacturing, local suppliers and local communities.

Our goal is to have a central Pilbara base to offer goods for industry and local employment, training and development opportunities. 







Respect each other, Respect each others differences



We can be relied upon to do what we say we will do



We encourage and support each other always



If it's not safe we don't do it that way



If it's not good for the Environment, People or Communities it's not good we wont do it

We are excited to be able to offer the complete MUDEX drilling fluids range to the Pilbara.

We are pleased to announce we have our own brand of WA manufactured cleaning products to supply to WA industry